Crimes of Fashion: Four Years Later

Never Forget.


I was charged with criminal possession in the fourth degree, but don't worry, my charge was expunged. Clean slate:) but yikes!


I can honestly say even though this scared me, because I have never dreamed in a million years of sitting in a jail cell, it was a great advantage and being a writer, it got my start in more publications and connections. 

 Make your handicap your advantage.

Read my story below. 


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BUSINESS: BEYONCE Takes Topshop Into Her Own Hands; Ownership vs. Collaboration

No, really. She's been spotted heavily on Instagram rocking various pieces of Topshop, so it's only right that she takes a 50/50 joint venture company, Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd. So in short, Beyonce will be producing an athletic brand with Topshop that will launch in stores and online Fall/Winter 2015. Seems far from now, but of course the pieces are being made, yet today the actual deal will be unveiled in whole.

Make no mistake this is far from just a collaboration, this is Beyonce overload.

All of those Paris and London photos all add up now, I'd move closer to my new business if I were her too.

"I have always loved Topshop for their fashion credentials and forward thinking," Beyonce said.

Stay tuned for more today:)


BUSINESS: How Zara Became The World's Biggest Fashion Retailer

When it comes to a clean cut look, Zara is one of my favorite places to shop for something simple and classic. I miss going into the Broadway location in Soho, just before work, because if I went during lunch or after work, it was a zoo. Introducing so many styles weekly, it's a wonder of how they hold everything together and keep up consistently with trends and styles.

Telegraph recently took a look inside its mother brand, Inditex for the real lowdown. Read it here.


CLOTHING: Autumn Trends I'm Not Following

I would be telling a tale if I even suggested that I didn't follow trends. However, I do have a limit and I also like mixing my own style with current fashion. Now that Fall is here, we're taking a closer look onto the runway styles we saw for this upcoming season. Some definitely take the cake, while others are so so. Check out a few that I'm not following, or just in a different way.



Really, I'm in the desert, so I don't think I'll have to rock a Sherling Coat anytime soon. At least I hope not. But these colors are sick together.



The Waist Belt, also known as my go-to to make sure my shirts were tight in college. But once again, these colors pop and the fabric is exquisite! 

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Sweaters make me itch and I don't enjoy wearing heavy clothing. But as always Cara makes apparel stand out and this particular piece with its knight cross-body bag is on the maybe list.

Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto

I love prints! How can one not? And if it's a print on print on print, I'm rocking it for sure.

Check out more of Fall/Winter 2014 here.

Fashion Forward Friday

Fashion Forward Friday | Numbers Don't Lie, Ladies Prefer Active Wear AKA Leggings

Today is the day because of the subject of this entry that you may find yourself looking around to see if it's really true. But honestly it is. Retailers like Gap, H&M, Uniqlo and Forever21 are just a few of the companies that will be increasing their Activewear space.  If you look around you'll definitely see women wearing leggings with just a t-shirt or even under a dress or with a cardigan for dinner. 

Adidas x Farm Rio Collaboration

Adidas x Farm Rio Collaboration

Couture designers like Chanel and Dior are even sending collections down the runway with sneakers. Believe it or not this is big indication that fashion is getting more relaxed. 

What are you wearing?

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The EYEPISSGLITTER Digital Flagship Store Is Now Open & I'm No Longer Nervous

Yay! No really, I was so nervous and fake shakes about this whole entire project. It was more so getting the pieces completed in enough time. Mind you they are all handmade so making these pillows, I really put my heart into it. Each pillow has a story, from travel, to music, to television show influences.


The store is officially open!

The #EYEPISSGLITTER Digital Pop-Up TweetShop Is Now Open| Details Here.

Omg! It's finally the day of and it's happening! Day one of my pop-up tweetshop. And I'm making new social media family too! I hope everyone understands this. I'm NOT ACCEPTING CASH (at the moment) only your HASHTAGS #EYEPISSGLITTER.


The EYEPISSGLITTER TweetShop will be a two day digital pop-up shop taking place via TwitterInstagram and Facebook

Participants simply Give Their Definition of What Eyepissglitter means & share it via social currency hashtag #EYEPISSGLITTER. The most creative gets it.

The item up for grabs is the official logo lounge shirt made with the finest of Pima cotton. Participants have a chance to purchase via the hashtag #EYEPISSGLITTER before it goes out on shelves.

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FashionWeak Challenge: Wearing The #EYEPISSGLITTER Lounge Shirt For Seven Days

We're almost there people! So here's the deal, I'm not attending New York Fashion Week because I'm always at work and I'm not going to front, it's cold as ever outside. I Don't Do Snow. I want to wear skirts and dresses. But I thought to myself something special is coming Wednesday and Thursday (February 12th & 13th), rock it. 

Day 1: Croc Style

Day 1: Croc Style

This is Day 1, well sort of kind of. But seven days in a row, I will be rocking my lounge shirt. That means seven different looks. It's also teaching me how to do more with less. I'll be sure to write about the results, but I think this will be fun! 

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The Anticipation Is Making My Stomach Do Gymnastics While You're Calm



So, just the idea of it had my head spinning. But it's coming together. I've been so overwhelmed the past week with other projects that I found this particular one (don't worry I'll spill tomorrow) is relaxing. Then talking to my friend Nikki definitely helped because I almost got scared and was going to push it back.  

But the LOVE was definitely shown today after posting the photo above. That really showed me hey have fun! So in return for the love I know you all who are reading this will be EXTRA happy for February 12 & 13. 

Get ready to Tweet, Facebook and Instagram. It's going to be so real! 

Be Dangerous...It's Careful Out There. #EYEPISSGLITTER