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The Anticipation Is Making My Stomach Do Gymnastics While You're Calm



So, just the idea of it had my head spinning. But it's coming together. I've been so overwhelmed the past week with other projects that I found this particular one (don't worry I'll spill tomorrow) is relaxing. Then talking to my friend Nikki definitely helped because I almost got scared and was going to push it back.  

But the LOVE was definitely shown today after posting the photo above. That really showed me hey have fun! So in return for the love I know you all who are reading this will be EXTRA happy for February 12 & 13. 

Get ready to Tweet, Facebook and Instagram. It's going to be so real! 

Be Dangerous...It's Careful Out There. #EYEPISSGLITTER


How to Skateboard Properly in Harlem, USA. #NoChillAllowed

First you must have full intentions of enjoying yourself. Next, it is only right that you wait two years after your cousin got her first skateboard. Not really but, we finally got it together and made our way to the Westside Highhway. Along with the coolest family member on the planet (Empress), I was also honored to be around the coolest baby and the flyest Mom on the planet, Javon & Lindsay!


It rained and poured and then we made our way to Chocolát. Service delicious. Definitely inspired by everyone today and feeling a lot better!

Thanks everyone. #eyepissglitter

P.S. Don't forget to take a dope a** photo.

A Good Day to be Alive.


Between watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for the millionth time and actually living life, I sat down yesterday and realized I’ve learned so much. Not a “I know everything” learn but a wow, we’re all just learning and learning is so cool especially together and on your own as well. It has been an eye opening week of gratitude and I just had to write about it this morning. My heart is smiling because my Grandpa was able to go to Tennessee (his home state) this week and my mama has been sending me photos and it just warms my heart to see him so happy and enjoying his time with family, friends, food and you know Tennessee!


Then so thankful for my cousin who doesn’t give up on me and the same here. We’re going to Bonnaroo (Our Roo) together along with my other two bestfriends (partner’s in legal crime) and I can only imagine the fun we’re going to have. The thought of it is just mind-blowing. Then speaking with my little cousin and just hearing her thoughts of her college experience thus far is amazing and makes me think about my experience. I want the best for everyone and making sure she’s on her shyt is very important and her older cousin wants that too.

This is getting long but overall, I’m very grateful for this time in my life. I get to see my bestfriends dreams come true! I hope reading this at another day when I may not be feeling so JOLLY I’ll be evoked to do something great. But if you’re reading this I love you. 

Time Is Real.


This should be the dance after a hike, after a good meal and just everything! If I haven’t learned anything else during my fun travels and getting to see my family and friends is how precious time is. One moment in particular was being on that mountain. Really getting to see the beauty of the world (to me it was) and just how creative God is. 

I hate that I barely remember being on top of the mountain, the heat, the air the sweat…I don’t remember really but I know it was beautiful and the photos don’t do it justice. 

But I do know every moment counts. 

Thank you.