The Visual Artist That Made The Gucci Print Famous Drops A Music Video

Every since I've had the honor of meeting The Prblms via NYC Soho Liebeskind JayDotRain Seafood City Thug Passion (you'll hear the story one day) his energy has always been out of this world and creative as phuk. We later went on to become family and did the collaboration together that you all love today GUCCI IN PARIS

The Prblms.

The Prblms.

But there's more, always finding the art in everything The Prblms hits us off with another art form, his music and a dope video. This is one of those videos you actually want to see to the end. Check out his debut performance video for FIJI. And yes, it does make you want to travel and the song sounds like what the video would look like.

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Collaboration with Tuscaloosian artist, The Prblms and EYEPISSGLITTER both share a love of creative design and Gucci Mane. What started as a print to frame turned into lampshade, wallpaper and now the limited edition pillow, travel pouch and laptop case Gucci In Paris.

100% Linen Cotton Canvas

Interior: Elephant blk/pink texture

Dry Clean Only

Made with my bare hands (handmade)

Limited Edition




Weekly Diary

Weekly Diary #1 | Summer Jam x Quinn's BBQ x Harlem World x Gumball 3000

So I thought I would start something new. I've been a little more busy than usual but wanted to make sure I keep you abreast of all things EYEPISSGLITTER. So many new sounds, new designs and great people I've met in the past few months and exciting things to I'm sharing!

Lunch at La Esquina w/HyperFrank.

Lunch at La Esquina w/HyperFrank.

I'll do the weekly diary from Friday to Friday. This was a huge week, especially coming out of a difficult time, but that's neither here or there.

  • From Summer Jam seeing Nas bring 50 Cent out for a G-Unit reunion,
  • Laura coming from across the pond (London) and learning new artists
  • Running the streets of Harlem World w/ Jones
  • Dinner w/Matt at Quinn's (He's the best foodie besides me).
  • Watching a man cut up fresh Black Soap from Africa.

Next up, Bonnaroo. June 12-15, 2014

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Standing On Couches x CMJ Alabama Style in Brooklyn. Talented Artists Exist.


I've arisen again. This past weekend was ever so remarkable. Talented artists exist and they make really good music. Full of energy...not just myself but the Alabama crew, JayDot (Rainey to me) brought his best to his performance in New York. He was ready and not only was he hungry and readytowear on get the word out about his music but his crew, Charles, Alexander, Tee DJ Don JR they were just as into as him and down to do what needed to be done.


I really enjoyed that and seeing people working and enjoying it. I look forward to working with all of you (hope you read this). You all really motivated me again to get back into writing. Here's to you!


P.S. I had to put this chandelier up. It was one of the first pieces I saw during the show and made me think, I should really decorate this club too:-P

Huge s/o to Lexander for the great photos. 



How to Skateboard Properly in Harlem, USA. #NoChillAllowed

First you must have full intentions of enjoying yourself. Next, it is only right that you wait two years after your cousin got her first skateboard. Not really but, we finally got it together and made our way to the Westside Highhway. Along with the coolest family member on the planet (Empress), I was also honored to be around the coolest baby and the flyest Mom on the planet, Javon & Lindsay!


It rained and poured and then we made our way to Chocolát. Service delicious. Definitely inspired by everyone today and feeling a lot better!

Thanks everyone. #eyepissglitter

P.S. Don't forget to take a dope a** photo.


Tools of the Trade.

No really. I have never heard of these tools in my life except for the staple gun. But can you imagine there are several? After my first day in upholstery class I already found it quite tedious p, but in a good way. I enjoyed the frustration of stapling the webbing the incorrect way the first time and having to do it all over again. But this is only the beginning. Get ready for some excellent Eyepissglitter pieces.


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Weekly Want: Community54 Floral Pants

After attending artist, Dee Goodz's Mixtape launch party for #DonnyCash at the Community 54 flagship in the Lower Eastside I had to check out the site and store a little more. The first thing that caught my eye was the floral pants. I'm all for color of course but the black and white ones were adorable as well. I see an outfit I can do already.

How would you rock these pants?