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Upgrade Your Furniture With A Quick Makeover

I'm always looking for the next tropical fixture. I'm coming to the conclusion I LOVE modern contemporary styles but I am forever drawn to all things floral. So an upgrade to an old floral pattern, specifically a chair is a must look for me. But let's switch it up. This isn't about me, this is truly about the many things we can do with floral.

Oldie But Goodie.

Oldie But Goodie.

As we can see here, we have a parlor chair that is ready for a true upgrade. Something a bit brighter and maybe a hint of pink. Paint is one medium besides fabric that can make or break a design. Let's scotch on to the new chair.

Super Poppin'.

Super Poppin'.

Tippy Ting! Now this is more like it. Vibrant, floral and enticing to the eyes. The floral is the first noticeable thing but take a peek and you'll also see the stripes which adds to a great mixture. Try a few colors at home and let me know what you come up with.

Behind The Wardrobe of the 'Girls' New Season


No it's not Sex and The City. But it's a hipster version of it...somewhat? The styles of the starring ladies are all different. I really get into the Bohemian chic style. 


I think Hannah's style is one of my favorites. She's free-spirited and doesn't care if she doesn't match. Take a look at where the visions came from on the show.

CC: The Coveteur 

Which character's style do you most admire?

Comment below and let me know

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Why Lil' Kim Coming Down the Escalator Was Important to Fashion.


In the mid-90s it was all about fun, grimey and the tomboy clothes for us ladies in Hip Hop. But what about us girly girls, you know fashionistas, loves heels? In comes, Big Momma, Queen B, Lil' Kim. And when No Time came out I begged my Grandmother (Sweet Anna Lee) and Mama (Coolest woman on the planet that put me on to Rap) to "Please take me to Sam Goody to get the No Time single." I achieved greatness. I was now the owner of the hottest cassette out! Not only did the song get me and the instrumental on the other side but the video captivated me like no other.


She was going down an escalator by herself. BOLD MOVE! I was only in the fourth grade so this was very bold to me, I had never went down an escalator dolo! This gave me the courage to do it. Thanks Lil' Kim.

But let's talk fashion. Fur coats, bikini swimsuits, high pony tails, you have to thank Misa Brim-Hylton as well for this. This set a trend like no other, acutally making it classic style. Gold, fur coats and all out fabulous looks. I got bold, style courage and class out of this video.

Watch it again, maybe you will too.