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Client Work, Arizona

CLIENT WORK: Homer In Houston x Designed To Jeezy's Thug Motivation

Taking on my very first Home In A Box project was a challenge but well worth it. Can you imagine putting together an entire apartment...more than 1,000 miles away. Well it happened and now client, Homer is excited and happy about his Interior Design Kit

Who: Homer B.

What: Apartment

Where: Houston

Style: Industrial/Modern Urban

Music Choices: Jeezy x Thug Motivation/ Kanye West x Good Morning

The process was simple in finding out what the client wanted. Starting with a questionnaire that asked questions from style to what kind of music he preferred was key in selecting furniture that would align with his personality and tell a story in his home. After receiving his floor-plan I was able to measure out pieces that would fit perfectly.

I created a floor plan by hand as well as a three-dimensional mock up of his new apartment. 

The Home In Box Included:

  • floor plan 
  • step-by-step explanation of how to implement the design plan. 

nd more. Now, it's Homer's turn to blast Jeezy and put the plan into action. I will post photos once he gets everything.


PILLOW TALK: Lafayette Screams SoHo & How It Came About

No, really it does. One of the biggest things I miss besides the great people and friends I've made back home in New York City is...EVERYTHING. But one thing that sticks out the most is Lafayette Avenue. Waking up early for an hour commute by train then subway and quick two minute walk to work and be apart of the Mecca of it all still gives me a wow feeling.

I've accumulated a few of my favorite things about SoHo in this one image. It includes the actual Lafayette pillow, the fabric used, my footwork, a publication that screams NY as well and a photo of my stomping grounds! It is unique to me because of the stories, from interviews during my lunch break with Rikki Blu, the long lines at Supreme, seeing the entire A$AP Mob, Tyler The Creator (BAE), EyeSex and just chilling with some of the coolest people at work. Can't forget when Rainey, Jas, Teezy and the entire Alabama crew came to visit, Loochee, Swanzy, Chris, Nikki randomly. You get it. I love NYC and I LOVE the experiences I had. Looking forward to more!


SHELTER: A Quick Trip To Will & Jada Pinkett Smith's Malibu Cribnasium

As much as I thought I was all about Pop Art and Mid-Century Modern, I find that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's Malibu home is a huge reminder that you don't have to just stay in one style. I was captivated immediately when I saw the south western styled architecture.

They took the world LIVING ROOM to a new level. Everyone has a place to sit, complete with a chess nook and fabulous view.

Another high point to the home is almost considered a hidden treasure. When it comes to designing and decorating a young girl's room, evolution and transformation is very important. Willow has a room that is equivalent to her personality and can grow with her.

Willow's room.

Willow's room.

I'm definitely inspired from this space. Maybe I'll do some south western themed pieces soon.

Photos via Architectural Digest