#eyePISSGLITTER | Cultural Festival Yoga On A Rooftop & More In Nashville This Weekend

So as I look around, I'm finding more and more exciting things to do in Nashville. If I can't be at everything, I'm sure someone I know will be. If you're in the area and looking for something to do this weekend before you get ready for the Beyonce concert on Sunday, check out a few activities that you and a few friends would enjoy. And tell them they've been EYEPISSGLITTER Certified!

Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival


Food. Ok, there's more than food it's actually a great event to bring your kids, little cousins, or some children you know. If you decide not to, it's extra fun, food from every culture you can think of, art, performances and a park of love and people sharing and caring for their culture. It takes place at Centennial Park, Saturday 10AM-6PM.

Rooftop Yoga...Oh Yeah It's Free


And it just so happens to be the last one, since it is getting cold. I'm so sad I'm late finding out about this. But if you're lucky enough to RSVP and attend, have fun for me. It's at ACME, so you know it's going to be fun and they have drink specials! 

Saturday, October 1 10AM-11AM

Nashville Whiskey Festival


Yes, an entire festival of whiskey. Stay calm and say hydrated. There will be more than 60 whiskey producers and actual seminars to check out. Knowledge is power and if you want to know more about how it's made and the tastes, you should definitely go. Also, there will be a cigar bar, grown and sexy! Tickets are $100 VIP $150

Saturday, October 1 6:30PM-10:00PM

Beats & Brushes


I never get to go to any of the cool stuff, nope, just playing. But I have yet to attend the Beats & Brushes event. As we step into the cold crispy weather and get ready for a spooky Halloween, why not have some fun in the art realm. For this installment of Beats & Brushes they chose to do a tribute to Michael Jackson's Thriller. This should be really fun. More info here

Saturday, October 1 6:30PM

Homemade & Bound Nashville Festival


If you love Zines, independent published books, mini-comics and prints, this is the place for you this weekend. Watkins Community Education is a sponsor, so you know it's going to be full of great art! Local artists present their work via the series Stitches + Stories which showcase handmade books inspired by the healing power of art and storytelling. Sounds dope right. So go! 

September 30-October 1st

Art Crawl  


Every first Saturday of the month from 6PM-9PM you can get your life by meeting new people, viewing great art exhibits and of course the free wine. Being that I always find myself downtown in the Arcade this time I'll make my way in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood. Hope to see you there. 

Saturday, October 1  

LIFE, Food, TRAVEL, kitchen, HANG OUT

#eyePISSGLITTER | Mouth Adventure | Five Nashville Foodie Hot Spots

As the seasons begin to change so do our tastebuds, in this case it was only right to get a nice list started for some must stop spots. This time around, we're taking a trip to the Music City capital, Nashville, Tennessee. With so many new restaurants opening it may seem hard to keep up, but that's why you have EYEPISSGLITTER as your friendly guide. Now don't get sad if you don't see your favorite restaurant yet, believe me there are plenty of categories we have coming up, plus we'll sit directly with the owners to see what's best. 

Check out our ver first Mouth Adventure of five Nashville spots you want to check out...NOW!


I want everything. 

I want everything. 

Heard to be on of Nashville’s youngest fresh made to order bakery. This is a family owned bakery where it doesn’t use any GMO, chemical preservatives, hydro oils, or any artificial colors and flavors. It has been the talk in some of my Group Me with young alumni/professionals.


The mimosas though. 

The mimosas though. 

Nice laid back Mexican Cuisine. Includes top shelf/premium tequila. They have happy hour on select days. Also they have a lovely balcony/patio if you ever want to cool out after a long day of work.

PRINCE'S HOT CHICKEN - Ewing Lane & Murfreesboro Road

Tasty fire in my mouth. 

Tasty fire in my mouth. 

The FIRST Nashville Hot chicken joint. You can go to this place for lunch, dinner, or after the club. The one on Ewing Lane stays open until about 1 am. You will not be disappointed. If you are a lover of REAL hot chicken look no further.

CLYDE'S - Church Street

I beat everyone in UNO here. 

I beat everyone in UNO here. 

Newly opened sports bar theme. When I say sports bar I am meaning ping pong tables and other game stations. It is a laid back vibe, not too loud or not too quiet. They have a wonderful food menu. It is jumping during happy hour or on Friday or Saturday nights.


After The Set. 

After The Set. 

Located in the heart of 5 points, here is a pizza place that you must try. Handmade from scratch pizza. It is made to order. SO you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed By Breanna Dickey 


#eyePISSGLITTER | @HeyEryka Tells Us What Made @chancetherapper's Magnificent Coloring Day


You can't deny that there are so many new festivals popping up! This year alone has brought millions of people out from January 2016 to now. We've been to Bonnaroo, Coachella, Made In America, Bumbershoot, Burning Man, Life Is Good and more; this time I got with another fellow festival lover, Eryka! She recently attended Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring Day in Chicago, Illinois. I so wanted to go but I attended a festival of love better known as Chris & Melody's wedding!!! (It was so beautiful by the way).

So, since I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed out, Eryka gave us a little bit to hopefully look forward to next year. 

  • Chance being Chance and wonderful. It's amazing seeing how far he's come and that he's able to do this for his city
  • A dope ass line up and surprise guests that LITERALLY kept you on your feet
  • Listening to a FULL stadium singing in unison
  • Experiencing it with friends who know when you say you're going to Chicago for Chance they know you'll do it whether or not somebody is with you so they tag along for the ride! 

Are you hitting up any cool festivals or events and want to share how much fun you had? Be sure to email me & let me know. 


#eyeADVENTURE | That Time I Stepped In Mud In My Jellies At The Nashville Freedom Fest & The Fun Stuff

Nikki two bites and was done. 

Nikki two bites and was done. 

To believe it was scorching hot to the point I almost took my shirt off would be an understatement. But so quickly how things change, from my PEACHES Adventure tshirt turning dark green (because I was drenched in sweat) to a monsoon looking situation outside I wondered if the Freedom Fest would still pop off. With a change in time and some poppin’ music it was LIT! The un-FLEEK during the whole thing was stepping in mud, not just, "Oh she stepped in mud she has on sneakers, it's cool." No, I had on jellies and not just once but twice I stepped in the mud. Was it worth the fun I had though, yes.

Always that one dude that carries the snake around. It wasn't Rico though. 

Always that one dude that carries the snake around. It wasn't Rico though. 


Great energy from the crowd, visual artists and music artists, made the Nashville Freedom Festival stand out. Check out a few photos from it. Huge shout to Black City Management for putting on a great event. Check out photos below shot by Compass Creative.

Rico about to fake laugh at my joke that was only funny to me. 

Rico about to fake laugh at my joke that was only funny to me. 

Mike Floss & Stan on some Redman Method Man ish. 

Mike Floss & Stan on some Redman Method Man ish. 

MUSIC, Tot's Tunes

Tot's Tunes | August 1, 2016: Sanger's Room

I thought I would smooth it out this week. I'm still hyped over the release of Gucci's album, Everybody Looking. Starting the first Monday off in a new month (Nooo it's getting closer and closer to the cold; but that means we can rock burgundy super hard) it was only right to prepare for cuffin' season and showcase some talented singers and songwriters. Check it out!

Bellamoon - Teach Me

Nightrides..this would have been on BET Midnight Love. Bellamoon approaches the soothing production as a playful seduction, but "It's about to go down."

Drug - Villz ft. Pusha T

The first time I heard this song it was without either that time we were in Nashville at someone's apartment and at the time, Villz was showing us what is now the visual for Exposed. Or it might have been when DJ GB sent me a few songs from the upcoming project. Either way it didn't have Pusha T on it but I really liked it. Now with the new addition it's BONKERZ

The Last Outcast - The Prblms

It gives me Outkast vibes with the horns but a new feel. If you peep ThePrblms art, it definitely goes with it.

Bad Thing - Forte Bowie

Summer sweet (smile).

Familiar Energy - K. Roosevelt

I haven't heard him in so long then I stumbled on to this one.

CRZY - Kehlani

You can hear the passion in her voice on this one. We hear you Lani.

AudioArt - OgMuse

It is exactly what the title is, my favorite part begins on 2:20 and the song really sounds like the artwork. Birds chirping, art, and I can so see everyone, "I'm paid today, I'm Godly, I can't be bought, I'm sorry...I been fighting to long."

Tell Me - PJ ft. Jevon Doe

Really just tell me, because just one time is like ok, but then you may change your mind and I won't know. 

Come Back - Kamaiyah (Chopped n OhSlowed)

Yes, SWV's Always On My Mind sample but the joint goes and shout to DJ OhSo for the chopped n OhSlowed version.

IDGAF - Kiya Lacey

Kiya never disappoints. This came out awhile ago but still a favorite. It's so dope especially after the beat change.




LIFE | Don't Count Yourself Out So Quick

I kept going back and forth with the title of this post because I needed to have a clear vision of what I am saying. It almost serves as a letter to myself, mostly of not under estimating yourself, counting yourself out and believing the masses don't see your magic.

Biggs. Co-founder of Rocafella Records. Fourth of November. 

Biggs. Co-founder of Rocafella Records. Fourth of November. 

I had an overall great week. I still can't believe it was in a matter of a few days, I thought it was over weeks but if you take a look it's almost like an artist's first album. Before they hit the studio to record that classic album (let's say Reasonable Doubt *pun intented*) everything they went through prior to spitting a hot 16 made that happen. That also goes to the whole overnight success. We don't see everything you know.

Emory Jones. Rocnation. 

Emory Jones. Rocnation. 

So I guess what I'm saying is don't count yourself out EVER. Even when it looks like you're the underdog (I've been feeling that way since 4th grade) you're Top Dawg (pun intended). After speaking with my friend Melissa I was again inspired. She sent me a link to a great sermon and the main thing I got out of it was....


The only difference between a superstar and an ordinary person is how they think of themselves.

So simple, so clear so eureka! Self confidence is a mother and with the addition of courage you can really go places. 

What helped me to have the nerve this week was realizing I'm not asking for anything but I want to give and I have a lot I can bring to the table as well. Know that. 

Boss Up *Chris voice* 


BUSINESS: BEYONCE Takes Topshop Into Her Own Hands; Ownership vs. Collaboration

No, really. She's been spotted heavily on Instagram rocking various pieces of Topshop, so it's only right that she takes a 50/50 joint venture company, Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd. So in short, Beyonce will be producing an athletic brand with Topshop that will launch in stores and online Fall/Winter 2015. Seems far from now, but of course the pieces are being made, yet today the actual deal will be unveiled in whole.

Make no mistake this is far from just a collaboration, this is Beyonce overload.

All of those Paris and London photos all add up now, I'd move closer to my new business if I were her too.

"I have always loved Topshop for their fashion credentials and forward thinking," Beyonce said.

Stay tuned for more today:)

Design, Furniture

The EYEPISSGLITTER Digital Flagship Store Is Now Open & I'm No Longer Nervous

Yay! No really, I was so nervous and fake shakes about this whole entire project. It was more so getting the pieces completed in enough time. Mind you they are all handmade so making these pillows, I really put my heart into it. Each pillow has a story, from travel, to music, to television show influences.


The store is officially open!

Furniture, Design


While creating this line I really wanted to play off of what the word HOMEWEAR actually means, since I made it up. Not only your entire room matching a lounge top but also slippers, house shoes. I'm still sewing a few pieces for Friday. But I had a few shakes to test out these babies. They won't be out for awhile but here's a peek as to where EYEPISSGLITTER is headed. 


Be Dangerous...It's Careful Out There. #EYEPISSGLITTER


The Grand Opening You're All Invited To

It is with pure excitement, a little nervousness and all of my heart that I invite you all to experience EYEPISSGLITTER via my very own Digital Flagship Store. February 28, 2014 is going to be such a remarkable day (I'm calling it). But before that, I have to make sure these pillows are finished. 



I'm really happy to say some of the TweetShop Shoppers are receiving their EYEPISSGLITTER logo lounge-tops already! I'll share those as well!




So now what, right? Wrong! We're just warming up! I'm so excited for everyone that took the time out to give their definition of what #EYEPISSGLITTER is.  We made history together and created a new currency, social currency to be exact.  We also created a platform where we could really get our words out & give a true value to what we wear.


With such great energy we have plenty of people that wrote about #EYEPISSGLITTER. Special thanks to Papers Only, The Stylish And Standout, 2LsOnaCloud, Pynk Magazine, Day and a Dream and everyone who made sure via Twitter, Instagram and Eyepissglitter that the message is out there.

But now here comes even more work, that doesn't feel like work. I recently decided I want to give portions of the proceeds from my lounge-tops to a Peru based charity. The Pima cotton that makes my lounge-tops come from there. So it's only right, but still looking into others. I'm teaming up with one of my favorite non-profit consulting firm, Born Identity Project. I'm so amped because it was kismet. But keep your eyes wide open. Important announcements this week.

Compassion. Wear It Daily. #EYEPISSGLITTER