TRAVEL | Fleeing The Country, Can't Come Back Where Are You Headed?


A couple of weeks ago I asked you all a question that I was so wrapped around. Not in a bad way just one of those hmm, questions. It was bound to come up because I finally sat down to go through my book, Book of Questions. I was super drawn to this questions and figured hey, let's start a question. I already know my answer but check out a few from my fellow Wanderers:


Everyone here seems to want to JUST BE. I agree. 


Some just want a great escape. 


Europe and Asia are also getting massive play. 


Water is the answer. 

So now that you see some of the most illmatic answers, here's mine...

Capetown, South Africa. I've never been but I see beaches and it's always hot and I would like the challenge of starting over and doing something I love and being with a beautiful culture

Question Two On Way. Where would you go?


LIFE | I Met God Yesterday...

I MET GOD YESTERDAY in the form of a Grandpa; yearning to share his wisdom, but also take on the role of a student. He showed me that opportunity is always around us and "it's up to you to take advantage of it," he said.

I MET GOD YESTERDAY in the form of good eye contact and willingness to listen and let the conversation flow. It showed me that I'm where I'm supposed to be without a doubt.

I MET GOD YESTERDAY in the form of a song. I'm always thinking of my MAMA. I find myself randomly giggling or crying because I miss her juicy hugs. I decided to skip right to Rick Ross' Smile Mama, Smile for obvious reasons (I usually play an album all the way through before skimming to my favorites). As soon as the beat dropped and Ceelo started singing, I felt joy, sadness and warmth all at the same time. But it felt like Ceelo was singing for my heart and my MAMA. It is beautiful.

I MET GOD YESTERDAY in the form of a vivid memory of a picture. My MAMA was so excited for me because she saw a copy of The Source Magazine (my dream since 4th grade to write for/my article was printed). She took a picture of herself (FACIE) holding the copy smiling and texted, "Look what I got." That is forever imprinted in my mind.

I MET GOD YESTERDAY in the form of a feeling. I went to bed feeling confident, warm (yes the heat is on) and safe.

This is not to say I won't ever be sad again or have my moments. It's just nice to feel connected with something bigger than yourself. It felt so good that I woke up thinking I was dreaming.

Thank you God for my MAMA GRANDPA AUNT all have forever changed my life.


How To Bring The Spring Weather In Your Home


We're about to dip into the new season and all we can think about is color and relaxation. Usually we refer to this time as Spring Cleaning. That is indeed what need to get to. But what if we just want to add a little simplicity to spruce up the place? Easy, smaller additions to a room make a huge difference just as accessories make outfits look totally different.

In this case metalwork designer, Anna Charlesworth takes advantage of her space and uses a big what appears to be a sheet to add color to the room. My favorite thing about the floor is the pattern. The color and print give the floor depth and makes it an eye-catching point in the room. Check out a few more ways Anna let's the light shine in and uses home accessories to introduce Springtime in the home.



So now what, right? Wrong! We're just warming up! I'm so excited for everyone that took the time out to give their definition of what #EYEPISSGLITTER is.  We made history together and created a new currency, social currency to be exact.  We also created a platform where we could really get our words out & give a true value to what we wear.


With such great energy we have plenty of people that wrote about #EYEPISSGLITTER. Special thanks to Papers Only, The Stylish And Standout, 2LsOnaCloud, Pynk Magazine, Day and a Dream and everyone who made sure via Twitter, Instagram and Eyepissglitter that the message is out there.

But now here comes even more work, that doesn't feel like work. I recently decided I want to give portions of the proceeds from my lounge-tops to a Peru based charity. The Pima cotton that makes my lounge-tops come from there. So it's only right, but still looking into others. I'm teaming up with one of my favorite non-profit consulting firm, Born Identity Project. I'm so amped because it was kismet. But keep your eyes wide open. Important announcements this week.

Compassion. Wear It Daily. #EYEPISSGLITTER


The #EYEPISSGLITTER Tweetshop Entries Become A Moodboard

Such great adjectives at use. Our English teachers would be proud. But most of all you should be proud of yourselves. You just made history. I really want to save that post for tomorrow but you did. Ok, but because of your great entries using the #EYEPISSGLITTER hashtag I'm on the move to make a Moodboard for my next few pieces. I was truly inspired/truly am because it's still going on. Take a look at part one of the moodboard.


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I've Opted For Something Different, Try It With Me At 12PM Today

I'm finally past being nervous now. Today is the big day! My hopes for today is people are aware of new ways to do simple things. Also, how to do more with less. The official Eyepissglitter logo lounge-wear crewneck is so much more than a sweatshirt. It's a movement and shows that you really can do whatever you want and if you don't believe so, you can at least try, right? Before we begin at noon I will tell you another thing before this goes down. A portion of the proceeds will go to a foundation of my choice in Peru to help with living conditions  of the great people that make my fabric happen. 



Stay tuned for what is about to be one of the best launches for the best HOMEWEAR line ever:) #EYEPISSGLITTER

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All In Your Cribnasium: A Field Trip Into Jeff Koons' & Brian Donnelly aka KAWS Homes


This is truly some great inspiration to start your day, especially if you're into home decor or art. Reading about Jeff Koons and KAWS all the time, I've often wondered what the inside of their homes entailed. Would it be full of their own art? Would it be plain with just a few pieces? Well, I was close. I imagined Jeff Koons' home to depict his latest piece he had done with Moët Chaundon, pink, pink and more pink. It is and he uses the saturation effect along with a number of pieces in his bedroom alone. He has a Picasso painting above his headboard that screams sex with a beautiful balance of pastel colors. I love it!

Next, KAWS, now known as MTV Moonman maker. Living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn art is everywhere. The hipster capital is home of various artists. Brian Donnelly also calls it home and with his cool apartment he goes for more of a comic relief mixed with drawings. His love for comic books and Japanese animation shows throughout his home. His main room looks just like an art gallery.

Both rooms I must say, I would love to add a few of my own pieces!

Thanks to NY Times Style for sharing this!