#eyePISSGLITTER | @HeyEryka Tells Us What Made @chancetherapper's Magnificent Coloring Day


You can't deny that there are so many new festivals popping up! This year alone has brought millions of people out from January 2016 to now. We've been to Bonnaroo, Coachella, Made In America, Bumbershoot, Burning Man, Life Is Good and more; this time I got with another fellow festival lover, Eryka! She recently attended Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring Day in Chicago, Illinois. I so wanted to go but I attended a festival of love better known as Chris & Melody's wedding!!! (It was so beautiful by the way).

So, since I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed out, Eryka gave us a little bit to hopefully look forward to next year. 

  • Chance being Chance and wonderful. It's amazing seeing how far he's come and that he's able to do this for his city
  • A dope ass line up and surprise guests that LITERALLY kept you on your feet
  • Listening to a FULL stadium singing in unison
  • Experiencing it with friends who know when you say you're going to Chicago for Chance they know you'll do it whether or not somebody is with you so they tag along for the ride! 

Are you hitting up any cool festivals or events and want to share how much fun you had? Be sure to email me & let me know. 

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Standing On Couches x CMJ Alabama Style in Brooklyn. Talented Artists Exist.


I've arisen again. This past weekend was ever so remarkable. Talented artists exist and they make really good music. Full of energy...not just myself but the Alabama crew, JayDot (Rainey to me) brought his best to his performance in New York. He was ready and not only was he hungry and readytowear on get the word out about his music but his crew, Charles, Alexander, Tee DJ Don JR they were just as into as him and down to do what needed to be done.


I really enjoyed that and seeing people working and enjoying it. I look forward to working with all of you (hope you read this). You all really motivated me again to get back into writing. Here's to you!


P.S. I had to put this chandelier up. It was one of the first pieces I saw during the show and made me think, I should really decorate this club too:-P

Huge s/o to Lexander for the great photos.