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Tot's Tunes | August 1, 2016: Sanger's Room

I thought I would smooth it out this week. I'm still hyped over the release of Gucci's album, Everybody Looking. Starting the first Monday off in a new month (Nooo it's getting closer and closer to the cold; but that means we can rock burgundy super hard) it was only right to prepare for cuffin' season and showcase some talented singers and songwriters. Check it out!

Bellamoon - Teach Me

Nightrides..this would have been on BET Midnight Love. Bellamoon approaches the soothing production as a playful seduction, but "It's about to go down."

Drug - Villz ft. Pusha T

The first time I heard this song it was without either that time we were in Nashville at someone's apartment and at the time, Villz was showing us what is now the visual for Exposed. Or it might have been when DJ GB sent me a few songs from the upcoming project. Either way it didn't have Pusha T on it but I really liked it. Now with the new addition it's BONKERZ

The Last Outcast - The Prblms

It gives me Outkast vibes with the horns but a new feel. If you peep ThePrblms art, it definitely goes with it.

Bad Thing - Forte Bowie

Summer sweet (smile).

Familiar Energy - K. Roosevelt

I haven't heard him in so long then I stumbled on to this one.

CRZY - Kehlani

You can hear the passion in her voice on this one. We hear you Lani.

AudioArt - OgMuse

It is exactly what the title is, my favorite part begins on 2:20 and the song really sounds like the artwork. Birds chirping, art, and I can so see everyone, "I'm paid today, I'm Godly, I can't be bought, I'm sorry...I been fighting to long."

Tell Me - PJ ft. Jevon Doe

Really just tell me, because just one time is like ok, but then you may change your mind and I won't know. 

Come Back - Kamaiyah (Chopped n OhSlowed)

Yes, SWV's Always On My Mind sample but the joint goes and shout to DJ OhSo for the chopped n OhSlowed version.

IDGAF - Kiya Lacey

Kiya never disappoints. This came out awhile ago but still a favorite. It's so dope especially after the beat change.