The Visual Artist That Made The Gucci Print Famous Drops A Music Video

Every since I've had the honor of meeting The Prblms via NYC Soho Liebeskind JayDotRain Seafood City Thug Passion (you'll hear the story one day) his energy has always been out of this world and creative as phuk. We later went on to become family and did the collaboration together that you all love today GUCCI IN PARIS

The Prblms.

The Prblms.

But there's more, always finding the art in everything The Prblms hits us off with another art form, his music and a dope video. This is one of those videos you actually want to see to the end. Check out his debut performance video for FIJI. And yes, it does make you want to travel and the song sounds like what the video would look like.

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Collaboration with Tuscaloosian artist, The Prblms and EYEPISSGLITTER both share a love of creative design and Gucci Mane. What started as a print to frame turned into lampshade, wallpaper and now the limited edition pillow, travel pouch and laptop case Gucci In Paris.

100% Linen Cotton Canvas

Interior: Elephant blk/pink texture

Dry Clean Only

Made with my bare hands (handmade)

Limited Edition