#eyePISSGLITTER | Cultural Festival Yoga On A Rooftop & More In Nashville This Weekend

So as I look around, I'm finding more and more exciting things to do in Nashville. If I can't be at everything, I'm sure someone I know will be. If you're in the area and looking for something to do this weekend before you get ready for the Beyonce concert on Sunday, check out a few activities that you and a few friends would enjoy. And tell them they've been EYEPISSGLITTER Certified!

Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival


Food. Ok, there's more than food it's actually a great event to bring your kids, little cousins, or some children you know. If you decide not to, it's extra fun, food from every culture you can think of, art, performances and a park of love and people sharing and caring for their culture. It takes place at Centennial Park, Saturday 10AM-6PM.

Rooftop Yoga...Oh Yeah It's Free


And it just so happens to be the last one, since it is getting cold. I'm so sad I'm late finding out about this. But if you're lucky enough to RSVP and attend, have fun for me. It's at ACME, so you know it's going to be fun and they have drink specials! 

Saturday, October 1 10AM-11AM

Nashville Whiskey Festival


Yes, an entire festival of whiskey. Stay calm and say hydrated. There will be more than 60 whiskey producers and actual seminars to check out. Knowledge is power and if you want to know more about how it's made and the tastes, you should definitely go. Also, there will be a cigar bar, grown and sexy! Tickets are $100 VIP $150

Saturday, October 1 6:30PM-10:00PM

Beats & Brushes


I never get to go to any of the cool stuff, nope, just playing. But I have yet to attend the Beats & Brushes event. As we step into the cold crispy weather and get ready for a spooky Halloween, why not have some fun in the art realm. For this installment of Beats & Brushes they chose to do a tribute to Michael Jackson's Thriller. This should be really fun. More info here

Saturday, October 1 6:30PM

Homemade & Bound Nashville Festival


If you love Zines, independent published books, mini-comics and prints, this is the place for you this weekend. Watkins Community Education is a sponsor, so you know it's going to be full of great art! Local artists present their work via the series Stitches + Stories which showcase handmade books inspired by the healing power of art and storytelling. Sounds dope right. So go! 

September 30-October 1st

Art Crawl  


Every first Saturday of the month from 6PM-9PM you can get your life by meeting new people, viewing great art exhibits and of course the free wine. Being that I always find myself downtown in the Arcade this time I'll make my way in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood. Hope to see you there. 

Saturday, October 1  

Hampton Alert! Blue & Cream Takes on The Hamptons.

If you plan on making The Hamptons your summer getaway and have no plans of leaving, you no longer have to come to the city to stay stylish. The retail chain, Blue & Cream has just opened its doors at the newest location in East Hampton (83 Main Street).  Being the stockist for your favorite brands such as, Charlotte Ronson, Rag & Bone, exclusive Nike footwear they will also carry Russell Simmons’ newest yoga line, Tantris. So get ready Hamptons!

She Hopped Up On the Runway & Did a Full Split.

No…really because Betsey does every year but before that a cartwheel and a entertaining runway show. Yes, iPhone 4 made me butcher her name yesterday, apologies. But it was a crazy yet fun experience! As the models walked the catwalk all I could here was Lil’ Wayne’s ft Drake ‘She Will’ that faded into ‘Like a Pimp’ by none other than Mississippi’s own, David Banner.

I’m so sincere…she ended the show with a marching band and a cartwheel and full split. But enough about the theatrics, let’s talk attire. Bright, pink, colorful, prints and patterns. Sound familiar? Well of course it’s so Betsey Johnson’s personality. Which I feel really sells the clothing. Like others there were a few pieces you could pick from but ehh…it was more like a wardrobe for a film about a woman who starts out with a little something then turns it into something. In short it was tacky. I’m HONEST.

Your thoughts?

Throw Mama From the Train...Something is About to Pop On a Handstand.

Not sure of what but the joy of not knowing is pretty fun. Yo my eyes have been opening wide this week like crazy ILLmatic like…people just insane in the membrane & I thought I was crazy.

I’m still a bit crazy now because I’m leaving less than 24 hours and still have not attempted to pack. I did take the suitcase out. That was cool. I’m just like ehhh whatever. I just don’t want to be somewhere cold I know that much. I guess I should pack for the other continent too just in case I have a, “Just Do It,” moment. 

Let me stick to the I Did it moment though. Shyt I should have packed today so I can just write and email all the shyt I need ya know. PHUK yo! Oh well I do that shyt tomorrow. I need to make sure I have all the chargers I need. 

Dang…and everybody seemed so mad about the Grammy Awards.