MUSIC MONDAYs: FleekyZeeky EYEtunes

My love of music goes beyond goes far and wide! My inbox is always filled with gems that should be blasted at ignorant levels and now it's time to share beyond my contributions to The Source. Each week I'll put you on to my Top FOUR tracks in rotation for the week. Share your tracks as well. Enjoy the tunes.

Lil' Wayne ft. Drake x Used To

As if I wasn't waiting for a new Drake verse...dope beat, reminds me of 0-100, just has that get some stuff done.

DJ Sydney Love x Rodeo Drive

Nope, not a mixtape, but a very dope instrumental produced by DJ Sydney Love. Yes, the cover art eye catching and automatically makes you want to dive into what's streaming but the track behind it the real treasure. She hits heavy with her GlitterTrap series but taking risks is what separate the dreamers from the ones who are making it happen. *Adds to LA to Coachella playlist*

Villz x By Myself

Truthfully, I haven't stopped playing this entire project since I got it back in Arizona. It was also the last song I heard on my Macbook Air after spilling champagne on it. I digress, the sound is great production by Mike Ewing and songwriting skills out of this world. Blast it even if you're not by yourself. Think modern Jodeci melodies with a new spin.

Father x Wrist (HeyMcfli! Remix) 

Honesty is the best policy right? Well when it comes to music, you can definitely find me at your listening party looking at you crazy if the song is pure wack juice. At first I didn't like the Wrist song at all. It just sounds like everything else but Ducko's spin makes it splashy and fun. I dig it.

That Moment You Get Out of Your Feelings...

And really just laugh. Thanks Andrew & Happy Birthday for that Just Laugh Retweet. It was so needed. I hope I’m not speaking to soon but I can actually call the person and not be in my feelings and thank you to my friends that really understood. Wheewww.

So we’re back at it right? So, you know that means I have to have some dope products to push now. Excited about menswear (my new vice) and of course finishing my line. Seems like it’s taking forever but it is well worth it.

Shout out to Ari, “You Have Control, You Make the Rules.”

Time Is Real.


This should be the dance after a hike, after a good meal and just everything! If I haven’t learned anything else during my fun travels and getting to see my family and friends is how precious time is. One moment in particular was being on that mountain. Really getting to see the beauty of the world (to me it was) and just how creative God is. 

I hate that I barely remember being on top of the mountain, the heat, the air the sweat…I don’t remember really but I know it was beautiful and the photos don’t do it justice. 

But I do know every moment counts. 

Thank you.

Studio For The ENTIRE Weekend. Swerve.


This is quite exciting. No I AM NOT Rapping, but music will be played at ignorant levels. Paint, wood, bass and my project is going to make this weekend fun filled to the max! I just need to make sure I have everything this time so I don’t have to leave.

So I’ll probably go out Friday but Saturday & Sunday…nah!

I know live in the present moment but that shyt it mind blowing! I still need to get this trip planning together though:-? Cuzzo & Tiara…if y’all are reading this help! I want to see the Mayan Ruins lol

Peeeeaaaccceeeee *Pam voice*

Retired Scratch That.

And then I remembered how good grace felt and just moving and just being! My mind goes super blank at just the thought. Imagine when I’m dancing completely blank! Shyt! Why did I stop again? Oh Yea…I don’t want to mess up my feet, but it won’t hurt every once in awhile especially if I can still manage a little right?

*Does ballet routine to Drake’s Started From the Bottom*

Lung Tickles & Blackberry Brandy and Lemon Juice Remedies.


in short stay focused. I really like this photo of Nas & I’m really ready to wear opened toe platforms! Rahhh! The sun coming out and not being as cold really helped though.

My weekend popped! First of all finally got to see Jazzii The Voice & we did it up at Tequilaville. Next thing you know we had the life talk and I found out even more we had even more in common. If you’re reading this Jazz keep it up for real you are SO headed in the right direction! So honored to be your friend!

Next thing you know I was dancing to Motto on a table then patting my friend’s back & remembering Eddie say something about White Castle and yeap…Down & Out.

Now I’m home with tickleage in my lungs drinking brandy and lemon juice (as a remedy). I forgot how it was to be sick with a cold. But I know I need to eat more vegetables too. I don’t have time to be sick my funds will decrease and time is of the essence and I need mine…*My Ex’s voice*