SHELTER: A Quick Trip To Will & Jada Pinkett Smith's Malibu Cribnasium

As much as I thought I was all about Pop Art and Mid-Century Modern, I find that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's Malibu home is a huge reminder that you don't have to just stay in one style. I was captivated immediately when I saw the south western styled architecture.

They took the world LIVING ROOM to a new level. Everyone has a place to sit, complete with a chess nook and fabulous view.

Another high point to the home is almost considered a hidden treasure. When it comes to designing and decorating a young girl's room, evolution and transformation is very important. Willow has a room that is equivalent to her personality and can grow with her.

Willow's room.

Willow's room.

I'm definitely inspired from this space. Maybe I'll do some south western themed pieces soon.

Photos via Architectural Digest