Can You Really Enjoy A Concert If You Have Your Phone In Your Hand?

This is a good argument for concert goers, journalists and fans. Attending concerts, festivals, intimate shows are my favorite things to do in the world. For those few moments I allow myself to really be in the moment. Whether I'm at Bonnaroo camping out, Coachella riding around, or getting tour merch at the Yeezus tour stop I'm all there. But I realize I do record moments. 

Drake x Nas Sprite Show

Drake x Nas Sprite Show

That Source 360 show was one of my favorite moments of 2014. Dipset, Lil' Kim, Bone Thugs N Harmony and Wu-Tang was pure heaven. So much that I have small clippings. Imagine seeing some of your favorite artists in one spot performing, do you hit record and keep still or do you dance your life away. I somehow did both but had to stop because I realized I would have more fun in that single moment versus watching it when I got home. 

It shows us how important visuals are to our mind. One photo of the stage and I could think of every performance I saw that night. I make an exception when it came to Coachella 2014 with Pharrell turning it into Summer Jam by brining out T.I., Pusha T, Jay-Z Usher and Busta Rhymes! I did get a lot of it but for the most part I have more satisfaction with one photo and my memory. Which makes you think, that's why we purchase the music, we can remember it live as well. Something you probably knew but ehh, I just figured it out...after attending almost 100 concerts in the past 10 years.

What do you think? Can you enjoy a concert if you have your phone in your hand the entire time?


FOOD: Pharrell Collaborates With Laduree For Macarons & Why You Care

If you're a fan of extreme creativity then you probably like or have loved something that international maven, Pharrell has been involved in. From music to furniture to all sorts of design, Mr. Williams likes to put his hands in everything. This time, he decides to go for one of my favorite food items, macarons. The Parisian dessert is quite tasty and Pharrell took it to the next level by adding his flare of the Cola and Peanut-Butter flavor. 

Although I'm not sure what they taste like, it is a very big deal that this is happening. Just when you thought it couldn't get anymore creative than it is, he rings bells with food. Looking back it makes sense, after all his Ice Cream flagship boutique in New York City smells like ice cream (even though they sell apparel and footwear). The macarons sell at the French concept store Colette as he wraps his tour up overseas. Maybe we'll get them in America sooner than later. Until then, let's be happy and see from example that YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

Stir It Up| Wind It Up! *Gwen Stefani voice*


How swell it is! A huge shout out to my lovely peers and the inspiration they have been giving me these past days! I can’t wait to share this project with you and better yet send you all this good stuff in the mail…FINALLY! It’s only the beginning and I know you’re still not too sure what exactly it is but, that’s the fun of it isn’t it?

It’s a test for me as well, so far I’m just barely passing…social media I’m quiet about it but if you know me well, I give little hints every now and then. But get ready for the product, swatches, sketches are all done now. So it’s all about building it and exhibiting it!

Be Dangerous…It’s Careful Out There. #eyepissglitter