How Someone Breaking In My Car Made Me Appreciate NYC Transportation

& how if I thought going blank when it came to creating The Life Collection became the smallest problem I had to deal with since relocating to Arizona.

Or: When Free Spirits Have To Get A Viper (DMX voice)

Or: I'm Not The Best Of Accepting Help But Maybe This Is The Time God Is Like Accept It.

Or: I Saw My Gas Tank Open & Knew Something Was Up

Or: I Snitch When They Find Out Who Did It You Need To Fix My Car.

Or: I'm Not A Happy Camper and I'm Not Going To Act Like It.

Or: I'm Looking On The Brighter Side, I'm Alive & Full Of More Ideas.

THE LIFE COLLECTION. Don't Cry x Don't Pout x Smile...You're Breathing.

THE LIFE COLLECTION. Don't Cry x Don't Pout x Smile...You're Breathing.

Yes, that really just happened. I'm no tough cookie when it comes to situations like this. I cried in the street, threw a temper tantrum (like a baby) threw my pretzel (I had just made) on the ground and screamed. What could I have done? Was it because when I was in 2nd grade I told my mama duh? Or was it because I stopped answering that guy's phone calls and not just saying I'm not into you? Or was it because I had road rage several times and cussed out an old lady by accident? I couldn't stop thinking about everything little thing that I did that might had lead up to someone violating my vehicle.

After crying and cursing up a storm. I managed to be grateful. Somewhere in there is something telling me this too shall pass and you'll end up better than you started. I truly believe that and maybe reading this entire list of events that occurred to day will make it stick in my mind.

I can't front, as I type this my stomach still hurts and I want to cry but my colleagues managed to make me smile by presenting a nice plant. I love flowers and most of all I have been on the hunt for a plant. I couldn't find it but they did and it makes my heart smile. I don't want this to make me not be as open and not smile as usual, but for about an hour I had so much anger that I wanted to curse out anyone around me.

Hope this isn't turning into a diary. It's a setup for THE LIFE COLLECTION.


P.S. They didn't steal my skateboard:)