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The Much Needed Photo Shoot in The Entire History of Pillows

I'm a sucker for prints and patterns. It just so happens so are some of my clients. In this, from the whole process you were there. Now the pillows are completed. Fluffly, yet firm and with a persona out of this state. My client decided on the Geometric style and Mexico. 

Mexico x Geometry (18 x 18)

Mexico x Geometry (18 x 18)

It is indeed my WEAKness of The Week and I'm already thinking to myself where I would like to put them. Although, they are going to a client, I'm thinking of creating an ottoman to match.

This is just a little snag of the photo shoot that was done of the pillows. I have more shots you can find them at store:)

They are 18 x 18 and retail for $48 USD (each). Take a look at more at The EYEPISSGLITTER Digital Flagship Store.