PILLOW TALK: Solo In Mexico

Yes, pillow talk...with every new addition to the EYEPISSGLITTER collection, I want to give you all the story behind it. If you have been following thus far, you know that Hip Hop plays a huge part in my designing and creative process.


The 'Solo In Mexico' pillow is one of my favorites. Not only does the pillow scream, resort or a day of relaxation but the adventure behind it was fun.

Just think, you're in New York City and for about two months, you worked everyday. I mean every single day, from open to close. The train, the subway commute, with great music of course, really cute conductors (Ciera can attest to this) but you had to walk through the snow. What kept me sane was knowing the sun would shine again and bright and it was nice working next to Supreme (Eye***) aka my fake boyfriend and dope clothing. 

But I needed sunshine and heat, even if it was for one full day. So one day during a break of visually merchandising at Liebeskind, I googled, "hottest place right now", Cancun Mexico came up. Next was Bahamas, but I looked at the temperatures throughout that week and Cancun was the hottest by four degrees. Those four degrees make a huge difference to me. I immediately looked up resort, no kids, Cancun Mexico....the rest is here.

Now, I had been to Mexico before with Tiara (Carmen Sandiego & Dora Explorer), Playa Del Carmen to be exact. But this time I was booking a ticket for Friday and coming back Sunday to work on Monday. I booked the ticket Wednesday. Fast forward, the colors spoke to me, vibrant blues, relaxing white and lovely colors of mint. I was in heaven, even if there were naked forever Young people walking around.

Final Thoughts

I hope 'Solo In Mexico' speaks to your inner adventurous soul and sparks a trip of relaxation. Start with the pillow and you're halfway there.

Get Your 'Solo In Mexico' pillow here.