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Open Up Your Cribnasium For A Personal Cinco De Mayo Celebration

With only a few days left, it's time for us to prepare for Cinco De Mayo (Cinco De Ciera, if you're my best friend). While some of us want to go out and socialize at the nearest bar with drink specials, some of us are ready to open up our homes for a more personal feel. But just how do we make it inviting, personal but party a party scene. Easy, be you!  First, since it is the a new month, welcome in new colors. 

In this case we're going for hot pinks, oceanic blues, deep greens and a for sunshine a bright yellow. Just in case you don't have to many of the decorations that you want, do remember the food is full of colors as well. Just think, blue corn chips, fresh avocado and beautiful flowers for garnish. You'll be just fine. 

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