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The Thirst For Coachella 2015 & How It's Inspiring My Next Collection

Once again it's on and better than ever, especially because I'm rolling with my cousin Empress to the 2015 Coachella starring my favorite, Drake (bff in my head). This time last year I was doing visuals for Liebeskind Berlin in Soho, NYC (next to Supreme) on the flagship computer, my phone and ipad on line via the world wide web for Coachella tickets. I finally broke through and got one.

Yes, really I was going to Coachella by myself. Skip to it, my birthday the 110 degrees weather in California was amazing. It was a cool, hot peaceful situation that made me want to move to the westcoast, hence the move to Arizona. Now, back in Tennessee I'm still ready to embark on a fun adventure and also unleash a new collection.

Keep Coachella on your calendar, April 17th around then.