East Nashville


#eyePISSGLITTER | Nashville's Retrograde & Oktoberfest With Adventure Seeker Orlando

Another great weekend in Nashville, included music, art and a festival of beer because, why not? I wasn't able to catch the fun times, but fellow adventure seeker, Orlando made his rounds at both Retrograde and Oktoberfest. Check out the four things that made each event pop!



The Diddy Bop/Missy Elliot room. There was the room near the entrance of the venue that reminded me of a Missy Elliot or old Diddy and Mase video. Small room with parallel neons lights all around changing colors. Definitely my favorite part of the night.


The constant feed cameras. They were recording all night and playing back and mixing footage from earlier in the night with footage from later. It was a dope room. Three older cameras and had this almost eery feel to it.

Seeing Kiya Lacey perform. I feel like I'm seeing her perform all the time but I never get tired of it.

The people. Such a diverse crowd came out. I love how the music scene in Nashville brings out all kinds of people. It's a beautiful thing.


The food. There was food everywhere. I'm a chubby kid on the inside so food is always on my mind and there was so much to choose from. 

Dogs. Everybody brought their dogs out to the event and I loved it.


Beer. Living in Nashville has made me appreciate a good beer. I feel like everywhere I go sells craft beer so now I have a taste for it and actually appreciate that taste instead of just drinking socially

There was this one vendor selling the softest Aztec covers and throws. Like the softest thing I ever felt in my life. Literally like laying on a cloud.