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#eyeADVENTURE | How The Nashville Flea Market Became The Most LIT Place


No really, from  my Adventure tee going from the light olive green to a dark green because it was drenched with my sweat to stepping in a huge puddle twice (with my Jellies) it was worth it. 

But the Nashville Flea Market was pretty exciting (washed statement)! Although I didn't find my succulients I did get manage to get Fittonias and Caladiums, which are beautiful! They just so happen to match the PEACHES Adventure Tee. It really became an adventure when Elliott and Reci met up with me, they finally got to see their work in print via the EYEPISSGLITTER look book.


I also managed to cop some dope records, one in particular caught my eye right away. The O'Jays Familt Reunion; my GRANDPA would play this song some mornings driving me to the train. I played it this morning and the warm crisp sounds made me think of all those good times together, yes I'm shedding a tear as I write this, but good tears. I miss him so much. Ok, this is getting teary but yes. Nice to have some good music on vinyl. Then I had to get Aunt Tina Turner and Janet, the artwork is amazing plus this is the album with Pleasure Principle.