EYEPISSGLITTER Studio + Conversations of Travel & Performing w/Burman

What is your favorite place to create?


BurmanI create at the lake more than anywhere. Usually just go post up by the water with a few blunts and let nature inspire me.

What are your must have travel essentials?

Burman: Always gotta have good company. Goodmusic for the trip there and your adventures. Of course some good herb. And a camera.

Why is traveling so important to you?

Burman: Sometimes you can get caught up in the same culture of scene and not get to see what other have to offer. Nothing is worse than a closed mind, that's why traveling is important to me.


Why is this particular show important to you?

Burman: Being the new comer to the scene. I've sat at shows in all the Nashville venues and said to myself that I'm gonna perform there one day. Mercy lounge is a big deal to me. I've always wanted to perform there. I get to scratch that off my list. Also Kiya Lacey is someone I've grown closer to and a year ago I told her we'd have a show together one day. And yeah that's happening also.

What song are you looking forward to performing the most at #NextFriday?

Burman: All of them. I love performing my whole set. I'm big on crowd participation so each song has call and response or heavy interaction with the crowd.