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#eyeADVENTURE | Las Vegas Is For Grown A$$ Kids


No, really, there's more to do than gamble and eat at the many buffets I learned. I mean I had a feeling there was because more than 603,488 people live there and I'm sure they don't gamble daily, or maybe they do. But going back to Las Vegas I had expectations of fun and it ended up being fun on Fleek!

Besides having the best food, courtesy of Chef JKL; she made fresh Brussel sprout and meatless meat tacos when I first arrived, then we went to Sprout's aka The Club! But let's get jiggy surviving the 115 degrees weather like a real G I went to the pool tanned, attempted to hop the gate to get in the pool (shout out to D), played Heads Up at the Davis Party, it was a very LIT week. Yes, I could have done most of that in Tennessee but not really. 


Next, it was adventure time. Waking up on a Saturday morning and hearing, "Yo, you want to drive to LA today," that was a dream come true, because I hadn't been to LA since I left Arizona. We ended up at a rooftop party at OHM in Hollywood celebrating a birthday then Teedra Moses performs! Just imagine if you had never been to a Teedra Moses show and you've been wanting to go, yes that feeling. Then we went to have some Italian food & next ended up at this Hipster strip club. We drove back from, well JKL did, Jamillah didn't even attempt, I tried but I started sleep talking and I knew that wasn't going to work. 


But back to LAS VEGAS... 

The Container Park

Yes, that slide. 

Yes, that slide. 

They all fall down. 

They all fall down. 

When you have the coolest friends in the world there's no telling where you will end up. In this case I ended up going down a 33 feet slide screaming at the top of my lungs, playing a life sized Connect Four (& fake winning), watching Doo Wop (That Thing) via Lauryn Hill on a huge outdoor screen and playing with Legos. Nope I didn't go to a regular park for children, but rather an adult park filled with other 21 somethings surrounded by great eats and bars. During the entire time in Las Vegas, besides watching seasons of Shameless and visiting the Seven Magic Mountains; I had the most fun there. 

Fake, but really winning. 

Fake, but really winning. 

At night it was still 100 degrees but a nice dry heat that I could stand. I suggest if you're looking for something to do and want to use all of that good energy or you just feel like having a grown a$$ kid moment, visit The Container Park in Las Vegas, Nevada.


TOP SHOP in Vegas!

I had to report even though I’m a day late (WooDeeDoo) that one of my favorite retailers now has a location on the west coast of the United States of America! After my first visit to Top Shop at Oxford Circus in London, England I was a fan. I remember going there daily after finding out there were about three locations in England. When I arrived back to the states, especially the move to New York I made sure I made my way to Top Shop in Soho, NYC! 

I recently went to Las Vegas for the Watch the Throne concert with my bestfriends and loved it the whole time. I didn’t do too much shopping because my only concerns were food, buffets, bungee jumping and oh yeah…food! But just when the west coast of our great United States got a bit melancoholy they can now turn their frowns into smiles.

Over the weekend Top Shop opened its doors to a new home in Las Vegas. Be sure to visit and enjoy yourself…for the love of EyePissGlitter.

Photos by Denise Truscello

Mouth Adventures: Ninjas In Paris, Nevada & Buffet Tips.

Restaurant: Le Village Buffet

Where: Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Food: Various…check the plate.

Drink: Mimosas|PinaColada|H20

Rating: 5/5

Paris was the number one buffet I must say! After all, it was already on the list. From complimentary mimosas to fresh food…I found it hard to leave (but I had ice skating on my mind). My favorite foods were the smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and waffles. I was so stuffed I had to wait awhile to take a look at the desserts. Luckily, Melisa was always on point when it came to dessert time at the buffets and got them. I forgot what it was but I think it was good. 

Notice the portions on my plate were rather small. I believe this is something to definitely do when going to buffets. GET SMALL PORTIONS! This way you don’t get tired of what is already on your plate and it makes you get up (exercise) and add more on your plate.

New Vice: Flavored Oxygen...Coconut to be Exact.

There is nothing like a great escape from polluted air to some fresh air. But what about flavored air? I’m talking peppermint, blueberry and my favorite…coconut. Yes maybe you travelers that just get to travel a lot are on some been there done that stuff. But I’m not going to front this was my first time at an Oxygen Bar, Air Bar in Las Vegas, right before I jumped 855 feet off a building. 

The perfect setting. A massage and just great relaxation. It made my jump not as terrifying, but thinking if it were that terrifying I would not have jumped. But back to the lecture at hand, the Air Bar in Las Vegas is a definite pit stop while traveling. And coconut is the best flavor.

Pre-Gaming Vegas: I'm Going to the Buffet Dawg.

*Tommy voice* So before going to Las Vegas, I don’t know why but since I was little the only thing I’ve known about the city was girl group 702 is from there, their casinos, a bunch of lights and *drum roll* their buffets.

Yes, I am a food fanatic so I immeditalely made my way to do some heavy research on some good buffets while I’m there. Here is my round up. Hopefully I’ll be at one of them.

Carnival World Buffet

Le Village Buffet

The Buffet at Bellagio

Monte Carlo

Stay tuned during the week for the ratings:)