SHELTER/BUSINESS: Cribnasium To Showroom

So I believe I had a subconviously wanted to own, create and sell out of my very own showroom. After working in showrooms that housed brands such as Levi, Rachel Comey, Dr. Marten's, Delphine, Olivia Harris, Casadei, SuperTrash, Liebeskind, Roxy and many more...I thought it was about time. Taking advantage of empty space and furnishing it with tons of ideas I thought maybe I should take my brand and house my cribnasium with it.

I'm also thinking about other brands as well. I think we should all have a chance to showcase and SELL our lifestyle and my showroom will be perfect for it.

To Do List:

  • Get items on the digital flagship store...thinking about a sample sale:)
  • Finish collaboration with theprblms

My Russian Sux But This Store in Moscow is Nice.

I only know a few words in Russian, that I can’t write, but I can read them. I was browsing a bit and ran into this cool store. Come to find out it’s the first conceptual store in Moscow.

Cara&Co, is an Australian company that opened it’s first store in Russia back in 2007. They sell things from books to clothing to furniture. Sounds almost like Fordham Road or a department store doesn’t it? Not quite, it’s all in the ambiance. Check it out.